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Against the Grain

Against the Grain pet foods is undisputedly comprised of the highest quality products available, in which no other company can compare. Our hand-shredded canned foods let you see our high standards once the can is open. Our evolutionary semi-moist dehyrdrated food is uniquely manufactured to give you the convenience of a dry kibble, but the nutritional benefits of preparing a raw diet. We have taken a totally unique approach with how we have designed our products.

Unlike 95% of other brands, Against the Grain owns its own manufacturing facility and produces its own products. This gives us accessibility and the ability to create totally unique and innovative products. Our manufacturing plant adheres to the highest standards of preserving our natural resources. For example, the use of natural light (skylights) is dominant throughout our plant, we have the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, all packaging materials are recycled, our water is supplied by our own on-site well, resulting in our conscious efforts to be socially and economically responsible.